Wednesday 14 May 2008

White, Ivory, White

Shall we return to the water meadows,
you and I?

Swathed in shatterlings of creamy light
we will linger on the felted pasture
Under the sweet May boughs.

Soft and woody, the sound of the cuckoo
which chimes our secret footsteps.

And here, beyond glinting eyebright,
At the rippling edges of jewelled water,

We will share that hidden world
With the watchful deer.

For blackbird
who gives so much and asks so little in return;
whose friendship has been a great gift in the past year.


blackbird said...

Oh, you've taken my breath away.

fifi said...

That is the most beautiful sight. Truly.
Especially the feather on the water.

(no, actually, all nice as each other)

Did you really see a deer?
I saw a deer in Norfolk, from the train, and no-one would believe me...

Thank you.

Mary said...

I wasn't going to do any commenting today but this is beyond beautiful in words and oh those photos!

You are a gift to us too Alice C.

Anonymous said...

Lovely, in so many ways.

Ali said...

Perfectly captured Alice (words and pictures).

dragonfly said...

Just beautiful, Alice

do you mind if i knit said...

Exquisite................. thankyou..........

JuliaB said...

Hello, what beautiful words and pictures. I am sometimes known as Jackdaw so have a bird affiliation with you!

dottycookie said...

Gorgeous photos, Alice.

BreadBox said...

The deer is really a lovely shot -- we saw a similar sight yesterday afternoon, sans camera of course, across the fields behind a local church: several deer standing watching the world from a distance, and more hidden in the shade of the trees.

Lovely shots, lovely words.

Curlew Country said...

Fabulous post Alice! I'm coming back here for a walk. Isn't May just divine when the sun shines.
Lovely, lovely - thank you.

sweetsalty kate said...

that feather is extraordinary. Beautiful post.