Tuesday 13 May 2008

Good Luck, MissM!

When MissM was a little girl
she had to do her SATs tests.
MrsM wasn't very happy about this
because MissM was only 7
and she had only just stopped writing backwards.
MrsM decided not to make a big fuss about SATs.

On the morning of the first test
as they were driving to school
MrsM said, in a nonchalant kind of way,
"Today, you are going to have a little test"

It was very quiet in the back of the car
and then a tiny voice said
"Do you mean a drugs test?"


Today MissM starts her GCSE exams
and MrsM is not worried about those either.
Not because they are not important - they are!
But because MissM has worked hard
and is very calm in exams.

Good Luck MissM!
We are going to have our fingers and toes crossed
until the end of June.


dragonfly said...

Good luck, Miss M. All fingers, toes and paws crossed here too!

Unknown said...

Good luck, Miss M.

Lovely written prose, Mrs M.

Anonymous said...

Good luck, indeed.

blackbird said...

Calm in tests? Well prepared? She probably doesn't need luck - but we'll send plenty of it anyway!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck to Miss M!

BreadBox said...

Indeed! Good luck to MissM, but only for those questions where she *needs* it! For all the other questions, I hope that she excels as a consequence of all her hard work, not luck!


RW said...

Yes. Good Luck on the exams. Now, are they an all day affair? Do they last more than a day? Are they graduation exams?

tess said...

good luck and best wishes Miss M, hope they all go well.

Lynn said...

Oh, Alice, you have such a gift for describing the heart-full-to-bursting feeling of mother love in the most subtle, non-gushy way. How I can relate to that desire not to make a big scary deal of things, and to protect that freshness and innocence.

I know that Miss M. will do/did stunningly on those exams. And when she's finished, I'll have two rowdy boys ready for her to babysit. >;-D

dottycookie said...

I loved the SATS story when you told it on Sunday, and it has just made me smile again.

Absolutely good luck and best wishes to MissM. We're all there with her in spirit!

Unknown said...

Yep - we're in the same mode here - first written test in the morning although we had French aural last week - roll on June 20th with Physics as Sarah's last one :o)

carolyn said...

Best of luck Miss M

Anonymous said...

Good luck to Miss M! How I wish I could be so cool and calm in exams. And thank you again so much for such a wonderful Sunday! K x

Anonymous said...

We shall be thinking of both the younger Magpies as they embark on their exams at this time and wish them every success.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck MissM! Sore high!

Fairlie - www.feetonforeignlands.com said...

Best of luck Miss M! And the story about the SATs? Just gorgeous.

Mary said...

Good luck Miss M.

I hope you have a wonderful summer planned because it sure sounds like you deserve it!

ginny said...

My 7 year old is just starting out and doing her Sats tests now. She doesn't seem bothered a bit and i am pleased as 7 is so young.
Good Luck to Miss M with all her exams, with such a good attitude i am sure she'll do well.
ginny x