Thursday 29 May 2008

Travel Insurance

MasterM will be in South Africa for 6 weeks
meeting up with friends that he made
when he was at school near Pietermaritzburg.
He has organised the whole holiday himself
and MrM has provided travel consultancy.

MrM emails MasterM
I would like to organise travel insurance for you today.
Please check these lists of hazardous activities
and tell me which category is appropriate
MasterM emails MrM
think i might be a category b kind of man
but 'the use of skeletons'
in category e sounds quite appealing

later discussion

Are you quite sure that category b will be sufficient?
What else are you doing?
Climbing Table Mountain?
Yes the cable car...
Does it cover sharkfishing?
What about bull-running?
...but I am not planning to be the person
who hits them on the nose with rolled up newspapers
so it won't be the most expensive category.


blackbird said...

Thank GOD he is only SO adventurous.

Oldest would cost us a fortune.

dottycookie said...

Hitting bulls on the nose? Are there really people who do that? I feel I have led a very sheltered life.

Mary said...

These recent exchanges between you all have been providing me with much amusement.

Whilst I am slightly sad that my children are growing so fast there is an increasingly large part of me (thanks to you and bb) that is looking forward to the next 10 years!

Mrs. G. said...

Smart man. I think.

Anonymous said...

Who on earth holidays in category e?

Anonymous said...

Cat E includes such activities as :

cave tubing
use of skeletons
white water rafting (over grade 5)
kite surfing
via feratta (whatever that is)
bungee jumping
manual work or hazardous occupations (not sure if this includes parenting)

I fear that MasterM may be subject to an uninsurable risk of bull-*******

Ulimate frisbee is listed in cat B by the way and cat D includes 'animal riding' which conjures up images of ostrich racing as per Swiss Family Robinson.

driftwood said...

but what's a skeleton?

Anonymous said...

Always knew lacrosse was a seriously hazardous occupation. After all it's mainly played by teenage girls!

Anonymous said...

Wow those are some wierd catagories! I did not know lacrosse was that dangerous. Although it does involve hitting a lot in the boys game, but in girls lacrosse there is no hitting allowed. they do get to wear equiptment. I still don't get skeletons. Do they mean real skeletons? Like dead people? Who would seriously think to put that in a category?

Anonymous said...

I regret to report that cat E is a rather curious category in that it lists activities that are excluded i.e. no cover provided - real killjots these insurance types !

For all other activities this is cat A through to D on an incremental basis.

In short lacrosse is too dangerous to offer cover on at all and skeletons are definitely off the menu.

The things one has to do as a responsible parent ...

Gina said...

I love these exchanges (having four sons they sound so normal) but I am intrigued by use of skeletons in category e!

Anonymous said...

Use of skeletons ?????????

Unknown said...

Always the same these insurance companies - Heads, they win; Tails you lose. I thought he was going to SA not Spain for the bull-running - guess he just likes to give his mum hbp!

Unknown said...

Incidentally via ferratta is a type of unroped climbing using strategically placed iron rungs in the rock face for assistance