Thursday 15 May 2008


Some eye candy

for all you keen gardeners,

allotment holders and vegetarians.

So....that's you....Angie,

Ginnie and Ginny, Tracy and Tracy.

These pictures should have you dreaming of harvest time.


edited to add:

I am driving along
and MrM is checking the comments on his BlackBerry
(this is what our life is like)

There is one here from Fairlie and she says:
At the risk of exposing myself
as a vegetable-gardening-ignoramus...
what are the ones in the third pic?

I don't know - I think they are kohlrabi.

Well, you tell Fairlie from me that
an ignoramus is NOT a person
who doesn't know the answer
but a person who doesn't know AND doesn't ask. you know.


Ali said...

Just look at the length of that asparagus! Dreaming of dinner...

Unknown said...

That asparagus looks DIVINE. I am an asparagus slave.

dragonfly said...

I can only dream of a harvest like that. It looks wonderful...

Fairlie - said...

At the risk of exposing myself as a vegetable-gardening-ignoramus...what are the ones in the third pic?

That asparagus does look delicious!

Fairlie - said...

So now I know!

I'm soooooo glad I'm not an ignoramus.

And now MrM, do you think you could suggest five uses for a kohlrabi?

dottycookie said...

The asparagus farm down the road has just opened for the season - yum!

And we had the first English strawberries (undoubtedly hothoused, sprayed and otherwise environmentally unsound but delicious!)

Anonymous said...

Can I suggest you Google kohlrabi leaves recipes. You should be able to pick five possibles from the one hundred and six thousand entries !
Not too sure that i would fancy any of them myself, but they look quite a challenge don't they?

Anonymous said...

Add me to the list of asparagus junkies. We have it at least 1-2 times a week.

Right now in Germany, it's Spargel (asparagus) season, too. The Spargel grown here is white, as it is not grown in the sun. It is tender and so amazingly tasty.

Tonight we will be going out for Spargel soup!

Lovely photos, by the way...

Anonymous said...

I love the photos. Everything looks yummy. It makes me wanting to make a salad! :)

blackbird said...

My kids adore artichokes - do they trim those leaves before they bag them?

Hello MrM.

Lynn said...

Speaking as a keen gardener, allotment holder and vegetarian (and as an appreciator of fine photography), these photos are making me drool on my keyboard. Not pretty.

Anonymous said...

MrsM is of course my eye candy

Anonymous said...

MrM would like to point out that one of the advantages of the Blackberry is that he can post his thanks to MrsM for a post midnight pick up from Hatton Cross tube station after he missed the last train from Richmond.

Garden Girl said...

Ooh, a big plate of asparagus, with a blob of butter and a couple of parmesan shavings over the top..yum. I am nurturing my asparagus bed right now, should be prime for picking this time next year, hurray!
Can I just also add that Kohlrabi is easypeasy to grow (and very tasty grated into salads)