Sunday 25 May 2008

The Rabbit Family

We were given the Rabbit Family at Easter.

It was love at first sight.
It was impossible to eat them
because...well, it would have been a bit...

Imagine my despair when I discovered
that they were melting in the sunshine.
I'm trying hard not to be sentimental
- they are only chocolate rabbits -
but it is hopeless.
I felt quite tearful when MrM said
'Does this mean we can eat them at last?'

It is the whole Venus and Mars thing.


Anonymous said...

'Boys go to Jupiter so they can eat all the chocolate bunnies' doesn't quite have the same ring to it, does it?

blackbird said...

I can see how you wouldn't be able to eat them. How pitiful that they are melting. Middle would absolutely cry.

Mary said...

Nope - I am definitely with Mr M here. Chocolate is for eating, not weeping over!

Unknown said...

LOLOLOL at Tracey's comment. Hahahaha!!!

I am afraid all that would be left here would be bunny poos.

Anonymous said...

I hope they aren't dark chocolate when Mr M finally unwraps them!

Eleanor said...

Ok, I know what you need to do.

You open each one very, very carefully and then you lay out each foil and flatten it gently, and very slowly you drag the smooth part of your thumbnail along it until it is a perfect, flattened bunny.

Then you put each one in a box, and you call it 'The Foil Box' and you start a collection.

That's what I did throughout my childhood. All the Israeli kids I knew in the 1970's did it! Sometimes we'd swap our "silvers" too.

You really can have your chocolate and eat it too!!! (I just hope it's not too late!).

Unknown said...

just one aspect of it I guess! - why are men so complex?

carolyn said...

Yes they are quite adorable but their very purpose is to be eaten, you must do what is right by them!

Anonymous said...

Sequence can be a dangerous thing.

Carolyn's comment immediately after
anne bebbington's sounds as though it smacks of cannibalism!

Anonymous said...

Delurk or it will be chocs away for the bunny !

Anonymous said...

Wasting chocolate is a capital punishment in our house. Eat the bunnies. Save the wrappers if you need to. Eat them up fast so no one gets left behind!

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I'm with the bunny must go group. Though, like eleanor I would keep the "skins". Having said that I have the most divine chocolate shoe I was given for Christmas and I can't bear even to nibble it's Louboutin like heel let alone eat the whole thing. Maybe I just love shoes more than bunnies!

Allison said...

These remind me of my Easter Baskets as a kid, and the one year that our black lab, Sam, ate my entire basket, chocolate, fol covered bunnies, plastic grass, basket AND ALL. It was such a tragedy!

Margaret said...

Haha. Definitely a Venus and Mars thing, at least in our house (though chocolate that is NOT beautiful disappears pretty quickly around me).