Tuesday 4 September 2007

Bitter/Sweet Memories

Today we return to school.

Have we done everything that we wanted to this summer?

Probably not.

Have we done as much as we could...

and then squeezed in some more?

I hope so.

We didn't have a Barbeque...

but we did have Summer Pudding.


Apologies for the poor quality photographs.
They were taken in a hurry,
late at night,
like most of the things that I do
in the day before school starts.

Next term will be different.



Anonymous said...

What a beautiful, majestic pudding! There's always something we missed doing in the course of summer--but lots we do too, so it all evens out. Good to have something to add to next year's summer list ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

blackbird said...

Didn't notice the blurry pics - was too busy getting those school forms to the pediatrician (only a month late).

dottycookie said...

We've made lots of summer pudding this summer too. Must make it again before those berries disappear!

Hope the first day back was fine for everyone - I have a very tired little person refusing to go to sleep ... sigh.

carrie said...

Wow. Nope. Those pictures look great -- good enough to eat!

Happy back-to-school!