Monday 24 September 2007

Freshers' Week

Today at 10am
220 students will sit in the Lecture Theatre
for the first time.

We will tell them about timetables and seminar groups;
about assessment, consultation and plagiarism.

We will advise them to manage their time and eat fruit.
We will tell them that we are there to help them.

For just a few it will be overwhelming,
away from home for the first time,
it will be the beginning of the end.

But for the others it will be
just the beginning.


dottycookie said...

Oh my goodness, Freshers' week - now there's a memory. How homesick I was, how much I did NOT want to be at college - and what a wonderful time I ended up having.

I trust there will be a large G&T ready for you at the end of the day ...

Anonymous said...

Ah, what a bittersweet post this *SIGH* ((Hugs))

carrie said...

What a time that was!

Thanks for reminding me how far I've come since my Freshmen year at college -- so hopeful and full of excitement!

Unknown said...

My son's girlfriend has been away now for a month. She spent Sunday at our house and while here she slept for a good portion of the day and did her laundry. She was planning on leaving early to go back to school, and when I offered her dinner and told her what it was she perked up. So I suggested we eat several hours earlier so she could join us. I can tell she's a college student!

alice c said...

Well..I met one homesick Fresher, one returning Drama student in bright pink glittery Spandex and five who breathed alcohol all over me so a pretty normal day really.