Monday 17 September 2007

Good Luck to the Lovely MissE

If you had asked me in January
for a list of things that my son would never do
I would have included...

flower arranging
learning to knit
attending a hairdressing competition

Today the Lovely MissE is in the
as a model

It is the national finals in London
and my son
has managed to get a ticket.

I am beside myself with curiosity...

what will he wear?
how will he sit still for so long?
will everyone think he is a hairdresser?

It is a lesson for me...
I must always allow my children to surprise me.


Anonymous said...

One's children never cease to surprise one.

dottycookie said...

Oh my - is that MissE in the picture? I hope they are kind to her beautiful hair!

carrie said...

That is a refreshing glance at young adulthood to get me through this rainy week of soccer practice, taekwondo and preschool!

He does have gorgeous hair!