Tuesday 11 September 2007

Humble Pie

I'm in deep trouble here at ChezMagpie.
MrM is not happy.
It would appear that I have
completely misrepresented
our anniversary meal.

MrM does not deny
that he received over 20 texts from MasterM
during the course of the evening
but states that it is completely unreasonable
to expect him to eat and drink without knowing the score.

The technical term is

Now I am not going to argue with him
because he is the one
who will book the tickets for Venice next year.

And I am thinking of you lot out there in Blogland.

If I don't go to Venice
you won't ever find out
what Italian women wear to Rugby matches.

And I think you need to know.

So, I am issuing a complete retraction
and I am off to eat slabs of Humble Pie.

Remember, I am doing it for you.


Anonymous said...

Have checked the family recipe books and cannot find one for humble pie. I hope you are not purchasing it from a super market. Goodness knows what the carbon footprint might be. Your brother disapproves of Brasilian papayas. One must assume that the Icelandic cod he eats swims direct to the Fish and chip shop!

Anonymous said...

LOL!! My how you all make me laugh! I wanna be in your family!! :)

BreadBox said...

Good on you, Queen Bee and Honey! A Venetian trip to watch womens' rugby sounds, well, almost perfect.
Oh... when you say "what Italian women wear to rugby matches" you don't actually mean that the women themselves will be playing the game?
Rugby, that is?

ps Word verifithingy: hlugrh, which I think is the sound made by a person eating humble pie.

Anonymous said...

I should point out that twelve updates in total received from MasterM, not all of which were received during dinner itself and I would plead in mitigation that the phone was in meeting mode. There are possibly a few other items to take into account such as unsolicited texts from friends and a voicemail left by a friend who was supposed to send me the half time and full time scores. Seems perfectly reasonable to me. What's all this nonsense about undivided attention I hear you say ? No need to watch the highlights just before midnight so good example of planning in advance.

Anyway the French lost to Argentina so that makes it OK. The real irony is that if they come second in their group they will have to play the All Blacks away in Cardiff which will serve them right for subcontracting some of the games to venues outside France. Schadenfreude is a German concept.

MasterM and I are off to see England v SA at Stade de France on Friday so are not feeling too smug about the prospect of a thumping from the Boks.

It's a hard life at times

dottycookie said...

I dare you to make him buy you brandy in St Mark's Square ...