Sunday 2 September 2007

In which we review a film...

The Bourne Ultimatum

We all really liked the bit in Waterloo Station - MrsM kept thinking Matt Damon was going to have to stop for MrM as he made a dash for the 18.58 on Platform 19.

It was agreed that MrM was not impressed by the impulse mobile phone purchase - how did he know he was getting good value? Did he even ask about the free evening and weekend calls offer?

And who was the guy at the bus stop?

Why was that girl in the office. MrsM suggests that she was just turning up for work. MissM says scathingly 'at night time? I don't think so.' Which is a good point. Why was she in the office?

MrsM was confused by the bit in Tangiers - how did they end up in the same place? MissM explains that Matt Damon ran along and jumped around a bit and then ran along some more and then jumped around some more. MrsM states that it was a bit bizarre. MrM is shouted down as he says 'you mean...bazaar'.

MrsM and MissM agree that she looked very cute with a fringe even though she probably didn't really cut it herself. MrM says 'but she was doing it with scissors in the bathroom'. MissM says 'you can't believe everything you see on the screen'. MissM then wonders where she got the hair dye - did she have to carry it around with her?

MrM is outraged by the careless way that she treats her mobile phone - she should have thought of the upgrade.

MrM wonders if there will be another sequel. He suggests 'Bourne Again' as the title.

MissM says 'I think you just missed the whole point of the film.'


Anonymous said...

What I have discovered in the course of my long long life is this:

Whenever a film has a scene in Tangiers, everything becomes chaotic and bizarre. Or bazaar, ha ha ha, MrM, you are quite a wag.

I remember when I read *The Bourne Identity* when it first came out (it was back in the Ice Age I think) -- and I'm having trouble with it coming around again, and what's Matt Damon doing, being Bourne.

And to MrM: my MrB says there better not be a sequel to the Bourne Ultimatum. He's bored with Bourne. He liked Bond.

Me, I don't much care for either. This afternoon I watched a movie from circa 1957, "The Young Philadelphians," with Paul Newman at his most gorgeous.

Ah. Yes.
That's when movies were movies.


BreadBox said...

What a fun review of the film. I really must get around to watching the previous one!

Anonymous said...

The guy at the bus stop was just a random dummy who, Bourne made them think was his contact.

My problem with the film was the way it was shot - I felt travel-sick within the first two minutes! The camera jumped all over the place and it really annoyed me when they shot from behind someone else! At one point three quarters of the screen was taken up by another character's back and all you could see of the person speaking was their eye!

I came out looking really green and even my husband, who never normally suffers from travel-sickness, was a bit queasy. So much for "Date-Night"!

alice c said...

Welcome to Chez Magpie Clare! I have to tell you that I spent most of the film with my eyes closed because I have become very intolerant to gratuitous violence. I only went for the pic'n'mix. This may explain why the review lacks clarity I suppose!