Sunday 16 September 2007

A Real Estate Problem

Here at ChezMagpie we have £2M to spend
and we are looking for ideas

This seems ideal.

Central location
and a Bedroom.

What more could we ask?

We could get our groceries from Fortnum and Mason
and Poppy could promenade in St. James' Park.

But MrM is not convinced.

He thinks that Poppy might not be happy
in the third floor study/bed.

MrM has a cunning plan.

He suggests this as our main house:

AND this as a city pied a terre:

AND this for seaside holidays:

AND we would still have some spare change for this:

I am tempted to go with his plan.

It is a lot of curtains
and I am sure that the toothpaste
would always be in the wrong place
but I think we could make it work.


Anonymous said...

Oh property prices and that old location, location, location thing, I like to browse the pages of Country Life to find my country estates.

Anonymous said...

All these places look very tempting...So many wonderful propterties...Fun to just look at the estate pages in magazine & such. Oh, happy 100 posts! Here's too many hundreds more Happy weekend to you & yours ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

Pleased to hear about the money. Which branch of Northern Rock did you have to queue outside and for how long?
Disappointed you have not included a small gite near a sailing centre in your proposed purchases.
In the meantime welcome to the fantasy world!

BreadBox said...

Oh how nice to have your problems, Alice! Although, I have a suspicion that those prices are out of date: I think that they went up by about 5% yesterday.


dottycookie said...

Well, if you're in the market maybe we could sell you our shed ... hmmm, how would the estate agent describe it? Compact, very convenient for train links to both Cambridge and London, must be seen to be fully appreciated. Can I tempt you?

carrie said...

How could you ever choose?

And when can I come and visit? They all look so appealing!