Thursday 6 September 2007

A Showcase for Eccentricity?

Due to obsessive compulsive honey purchasing

I have no room in my kitchen cupboard.

When confronted with the evidence

MrM waved his hand dismissively

And said
'You can feature it in your blog.'

I think he has an attitude problem.


Anonymous said...

Obviously no need for further supplies of RM honey!!

Anonymous said...

I should point out for the record that this report is not at all accurate - there are a further two jars (almost finished) in the cupboard which have not been shown. This makes a total current holding of six pots of honey, graded according to degree of consistency.

RM honey is always welcome - in the absence of recent supplies I have been forced to look elsewhere as can be seen.

I should of course point out that there is only one queen bee in the family - MrsM, not that makes me a drone of course ... although I am told that I do snore on occasions.

BreadBox said...

Only one queen bee, but then there is also MrM, clearly and henceforth to be known as the extra honey in the household:-)


alice c said...

If I had known that this subject would cause de-lurking I would have posted it ages ago!! Especially with such generous compliments flying around.

carrie said...

Well, I know where I'm coming for peanut butter and honey sandwiches!