Tuesday 1 January 2008

New Year's Resolutions

I seem to have had no time to think
about making resolutions this week.
In the past I have always had a list
but this year my mind is a complete blank.

This is not because there is nothing to be done
but because many of the things
that I wanted to change in the past
seem less important now.

I hope that 2008
brings you happiness
and the courage to find the positive
every day.


Ali said...

Happy New Year Alice.

Thank you for always giving me food for thought when I drop by.

Anonymous said...

Phew, that last resolution is going to be tough...EVERYBODY!

I certainly hope that everybody appreciates the gesture.

I hope that the things that you want to keep the same become important in the future....

dottycookie said...

Happy New Year! I'm glad you're feeling things are fine as they are - that's a very healthy place to be.

I haven't made a list either - it's always the same things anyway - but I did see over at Moogsmum the idea of choosing a word to describe the things to be important over the next year - she chose Discovery and I'm wavering between Healthy and Courage ;-)

blackbird said...

I don't do new year's resolutions - but I'll take that wish and double it.

Mary said...

what blackbird said!

Unknown said...

Soulful. I actually started my resolutions earlier this year and continue making them. I like having things to work on...keeps me afloat.

Happy New Year.

Ginnie said...

Happy New Year, Alice! I love that "be kind to everybody" one. And you've topped it with finding the positive in every day.