Wednesday 28 May 2008

Camera Envy

If it is a very wet Bank Holiday Monday what do you do?

You visit John Lewis at High Wycombe and buy cameras.
If you are fortunate you will be served by James
who is uber-knowledgeable about cameras.
He knows about pixel squeezing and warm colour tones.
He can advise on downloading to iPods and build quality.
We researched our subject and went prepared
but James knew more than us.
That is why we go to John Lewis.

MasterM was advised to get a robust Canon camera
with a variety of different shooting modes
including time lapse photography.
He needs to photograph his friends
eating biltong and drinking Castle lager.
He may need to photograph wild animals.
There will be sports matches.
MasterM is off to South Africa this summer.

MissM was advised to get a Sony camera.
MissM spends a lot of time photographing her friends
and her friends are always smiling.
Sony have a special feature - Smile Shutter -
which takes photographs when you smile.
MissM will need this all the time this summer
because MissM is also going to South Africa.

It is vital that MasterM and MissM have good cameras
because MrM and MrsM are not going to South Africa
and they want to see LOTS OF PHOTOGRAPHS.


blackbird said...

Such goings on over there!

Lina said...

Sounds like an expensive shopping trip to me! But so worth it - I feel lost wihtout my camera these days. I have tagged you for a little meme, if you care to join in.

RW said...

Wow. Both away at the same time. For how long?

Melody said...

Oh wow - what a great shopping expedition!! And how lucky are MasterM and MissM? I'm even jealous!!

dragonfly said...

Lucky Master and Miss M for having such an opportunity and such wonderful parents.
No2 and I are v.disappointed to have had to postpone our trip to South Africa this coming October, so I hope to see some of their photos too...

Anonymous said...

MrM would like to point out that this has been a joint procurement exercise with MasterM and MissM. Which means of course that we have a 50% equity stake in the photographic output in perpetuity.

Unknown said...

Lucky Master and Miss M - couldn't you two just sneal into their luggage when they're not looking?

Ali said...

Whenever we go to John Lewis in High Wycombe I spend hours hanging around in the toy department with the boys while hubby moons longingly over the ginormous tellys that I refuse to have in the house. 'What do you MEAN you want a new one. We've only had ours since 1995'.

Anonymous said...

Will the equity be going public?
I would be interested in purchasing shares. I only have about fifteen albums yet to fill with my own photos.

tess said...

looks like there's going to be some great photos taken this summer!

Anonymous said...

Curse children who grow up with a wanderlust and leave their parents for distant shores!

Anonymous said...

We have both of these cameras. The first is mine it takes really good close ups. I just love it.(it is broken right now)My daughter has the Sony and it is great too. She takes little movies on it. This is the one I am using now because mine is broken. Both very good choices. I hope they have a blast in South Africa. Is it a school trip?

Garden Girl said...

I think there will be great camera fun ahead! Isn't the JL at High Wycombe just fabulous? Their shops are my all time favourites I think. Friendly knowledgeable staff. James's Mum would be proud!

Anonymous said...

hey cool. Master M has the same camera as me...

phew. Good to know it's a good one.

Ginnie said...

MissM has the same camera that I do! And mine was inspired by her mother. I hope she is having as much with hers as I am with mine.