Wednesday 21 May 2008

A lucky moment in Treviso

There are websites
that give long and detailed instructions
for taking better photographs.
There are lists of expensive equipment,
opaque technical terms,
tricks and techniques.

I look at this photograph and wonder
that a chance combination of angle and light
and a steady hand
can create magic.

It is not the photographer
it is luck.

It is as well to be honest.


Anonymous said...

clearly a snapshot from a sharpshooter.

Italians are always much better at dressing up at all ages. Ci vuole fare la bella figura sempre !

Mary said...

I completely agree with you.

Joanne said...

Too true. The trick is really remembering to have a camera of some sorts with you at all times...

Anonymous said...

Treviso... never been there in all my life in Italy... is it beautiful?

nice photo. I love how all the people in it are connected... from the child to the lady rushing by at the back and looking at the whole scene.. and I suppose you as well..


blackbird said...

I rarely think about what I shoot. I think it shows.

Amy A. said...

Some people just have a natural eye that make things blend together well. I'm just happy when the thing I'm taking a picture of actually ends up in the little square.

dottycookie said...

That could be one of my little ones - the pink coat! The hat!

You can call it luck, I call it keen observation.

Anonymous said...

very cute picture!I agree It is mostly luck!

BreadBox said...

I have to say, there are people who do manage to create more luck than others....