Monday 19 May 2008

Tangled Threads

I keep my cotton threads in this old cigar box.

It was used for other things before I inherited it.

Here is the pale blue that made
the Tana lawn dress with pin tucks

and the deep red for my taffeta ball gown.

There is green for a Robin Hood costume
and purple for a tiny flapper dress;

pale pink for ballet shoes
and white for endless name tapes.

If I pull at the end of a thread
I find that they are intertwined.

It is not easy to untangle these threads
but it can be done, little by little,
if you are patient.


Ali said...

You find so many ways to tell a story Alice. I will never view my jumble of threads in quite the same way again.

blackbird said...

I wonder if we've ALL made a Robin Hood costume.

Anonymous said...

Now if only we could see them all!

RW said...

Oh. I have made a Robin Hood costume. And I have a bin of thread but your box is much for lovely and organic. Mine is utilitarian plastic. I like yours better.

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful post. K x

Anonymous said...

Now I feel sad mine are all neat in one those hanging thingy.

They do tell a story too...

But I take consolation from the fact my dad built it for me and all his crookedness reminds me of him and makes me smile (he can't draw a straight line even using a ruler!!)

Anonymous said...

I love it!