Monday 4 May 2009


The Fosse, Castle Green, Hereford

The gasp of delight from MrsM
when she sees this view out of her hotel bedroom.

A champagne cork explodes out of the bottle
hits a lamp shade,
and then ricochets into the ice bucket
with a splash.

Reverberations from the Cathedral organ.

A man at the next table says
"I put my aftershave on
and then I tried to put my contact lenses in
but it really made my eyes sting."

MrM murmurs
"Should have put your brain in first, mate."

Church bells in the early morning.

A mother singing Frere Jacques to her daughter
as they cycle through empty Sunday streets.

Dusty silence in a village church.

The young waitress persuading us to try
homemade lime cheesecake.
"It is delicious" she promised.
It was.

Laughter from the elderly museum guide
as we try to guess what the mysterious object is.

Listening to the decisive penalty kicks
through the hiss and fade of
a car radio with appalling reception.

A squeaky yawn from tiny Maisie,
a very precious new daughter
for our friends, Graham & Ursula.

The sigh of despair from MrsM
when she realises that her camera battery is flat.


Eleanor said...

Dear Lord, "Eavesdropping" is as good as "Just for the Record."

It'll have to be a two-disc set.

With photographs as the "Special Features."

fifi said...

what a divine weekend...

yes, who is Maisie?

Rhiannon said...

2 sounds hilarious
I've done something similar to 4 - I took lenses out with chilli oil on my fingers and felt the burn the following morning :(
6 sounds like a lovely thing to see
What was 9's mysterious object?
12 happens to me all the time

Thank you for the posts you do like this, I love the little snippets of life :D


Ali said...

A good weekend - hooray!

dragonfly said...

It feels good to eavesdrop on your weekend x

dottycookie said...

At least you remembered to take the camera with you, even if it was sans battery!

The Coffee Lady said...

Hee. Hee. Mr M is funny.

Gina said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend!

walter and me said...

Perfection in a weekend!

kristina said...

With such perfect verbal snippets, who needs a camera? K x

BreadBox said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time this weekend!

Lynn said...

Four and six are my favorites. I heart Mr M (almost as much as I heart Mrs M).

blackbird said...


Jackie said...

I won't tell you where I felt the evil effects of preparing chilli....
OH you are so clever ....'&'

Unknown said...

Sounds like your weekend was a success!