Thursday 21 May 2009

MasterM, Explorer

Dear Parents,

I have now returned from the 6 day trek through the jungle to the Lost City which was really good.

Unfortunately, my flip flops finally broke so I ended up walking barefoot for 2 days, I think I have 6 blisters now which is a bit annoying.

Furthermore, today when hunger was kicking in on the last of our uphill treks in about 29C I decided on my list of things which I dreamed of from home.

Caramel Digestives
Fanta Orange
Two Boost Bars
Home made tuna sandwich (white bread)
Original Pringles
Strawberry Milkshake.

If possible I would like them taken to the airport for my return.

(Mothers of teenage boys will instantly recognise
that this as a true and unexpurgated record.
Mothers of younger boys - take note.)


Anonymous said...

Boots for the jungle...sturdy, solid, snake resistant BOOTS!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Alice.
I never would have thought there was much worse than marching through the jungle in flip flops, because it would never have occurred to me that it was possible to do it BAREFOOT.
At least he was not eaten by pirates.
(I want a gap year.)

trash said...

Note duly taken.

(will go prep destructoBoy's flip flops just now ;-)

Ali said...

I love the bracketed white bread. Just in case you dared to try to slip the brown stuff beneath the radar.

driftwood said...

oh boy, I don't think I want to know, I shall stick to being ignorant mother of younger boy, and pretend that he will never grow up and go to the jungle.

but the food - that resonates already, he is a bottomless pit....

Unknown said...

Could someone please tell me why teenage boys develop hollow legs overnight - we have only one and I already feel like we should pay the mortgage each month and then just hand over the rest of our salaries to the supermarket!

Gina said...

This made me laugh - Joe trekked barefoot for two days in the jungle when he was in South America. And the food all sounds horribly familiar! So much for bringing them up to eat fresh fruit and veg. He obviously needs a sugar rush! Mothers of small boys indeed beware.

The List Writer said...

And I really thought that feeding my 9 year old lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and discussing the 5 -a-day target with him would have some effect. I thought I was doing so well.

Serves me right for being smug. Pah. Still, MasterM seems to have turned out very well, so I shall not fret.

Mary said...

I pretty much get that list. There is not one thing on it I would not be craving if I was barefoot, hot, blistered, (possibly homesick) and climbing up mountains and through jungles.

Rhiannon said...

six blisters? Craziness

That list sounds about right to me, although if it were my (18 y.o.) brother, he'd want two of the tuna sandwhiches and coke instead of fanta!


Unknown said...

Bare foot in the jungle? Flip flops is living on the edge but bare feet? I would go with the snake proof boot too!

The list of food is interesting! I hope he is not planning on eating that all at once :)

Anonymous said...

Duly noted. Wow...Such adventures!! (Btw, I thank my lucky stars I only have the one boy...where do they put it all?!?)

blackbird said...


Before I got to the line about having those foods from home at the airport I was thinking: how can we SEND them to him.

As the mother of three boys I'd say the list makes perfect sense. I'd bring two sandwiches - and DON'T DARE put them on wheat bread.

Lynn said...

What Tess said. Mine are already eating me out of house and home.

Mrs C said...

Great to hear that he's still having such a good time out there. When's he due back? As I'm really looking forward to hearing the rest of his tales when he returns (and I feel sure that he's going to have plenty!)

Curlew Country said...

Hi Alice - have duly taken note. Getting my eldest anywhere near any of these items at present is dream I harbour. I shall dance a jig the day he eats a tuna sandwich - at the airport or elsewhere!

Super posts as ever. Enjoy the sunshine.

Unknown said...

Well at least it's a home-made sandwich he is dreaming of, I'm assuming that he means home-made by you which means he is practically, almost, very nearly, saying that he misses you!