Friday 1 May 2009


There are days
when you believe that
Winter will last forever.

Then one morning
you open the curtains,
sunlight illuminates the tulips,
you know that Summer is nearly here,
and you wonder why you ever doubted it.

Happy May Day.

This post is dedicated
with love
to my friend


Anonymous said...

As a flip of the coin, overnight the temperature dipped below 20degrees (it was 18!) and I need to find one more blanket for my bed.

Unknown said...

Happy May Day to you too! I love tulips.

It has been chilly here the last few days, but it should warm up by the weekend.

Fairlie - said...

Happy May Day to you! As Peppermintpatcher said, here in the southern hemisphere we are heading into winter, but as I am much further south than she is...our overnight temperatures are now bordering on the zero mark! It's hot water bottle time in our household.

Unknown said...

Sunlight is such a wonderful lift to the spirits

Ali said...

May. How on earth did that happen?

kristina said...

Hooray for May! Although I'm not sure where the time has gone... K x

Morse said...

... --- ...
... --- ...

dragonfly said...

Happy May Day, Alice.

My favourite month (and my favourite flowers, thank you x)

Gina said...

May and a beautiful sunny morning... couldn't ask for anything more. Happy May day Alice. Have a wonderful weekend.

JuliaB said...

Only 6 weeks until the summer solstice !! Happy Beltane. x

Allison said...

Happy May Day to you and yours, Alice!

dottiedashie said...

-- .- --. .--. .. . ..-. .. .-.. . ... .-. ..- .-.. . --- -.-

dottycookie said...

Happy May Day. The seedlings are coming on apace - both those we planted and the weeds!

RW said...


blackbird said...

May Day!

I do actually LIKE May Day - though I not at all a holiday person.

silverpebble said...

I was reading from 'When we were very young' the other day with my eldest. I rediscovered this poem:


She wore her yellow sun bonnet
She wore her greenest gown
She turned to the south wind
And curtsied up and down
She turned to the sunlight
And shook her yellow head
And whispered to her neighbour
'Winter is dead'

A. A. Milne

Anonymous said...

And have a lovely weekend!

Mary said...

What joy.

Your tulips.

And the AA Milne poem in your comments.

BobbyC said...

Dear Alice - thank you. I am deeply honoured. Once again, you have tugged at my heartstrings. Bobbyx