Tuesday 12 May 2009


What a day!

Comments from Blackbird

and Blackbird...

and all day long

a blackbird sang outside my office.

"I was of three minds,
Like a tree
In which there are three blackbirds."

Wallace Stevens


Mary said...

It was a little strange to see two blackbirds preceding a mary..

blackbird said...

As a new blackbird come to frequent your perch- I'm always happy to visit. Alas, my blackbird is a crow- not the one of sweet song.

I love the quote.

Mary Beth said...

oh no! That *is* a superb Wallace Stevens quote. So much so that I think I shall thumb through my 'Palms at the End of the Mind' instead of going to bed!
I wonder if you happened to read that quote recently out of sheer coincidence or if you read it ages ago and it was one of those lines of poetry that was never going to leave your head? I can't remember which of his poems it is in but this line is stuck in me- 'like a man gone back to see a certain house.'

blackbird said...

A third!
That's a wonderful idea.