Thursday 14 May 2009

Invitation to a Private View

The artist, smiling.
The husband, relieved.
The mature student, gesticulating.
The photographer, bored.
The research director, self-deprecating.
The gallery receptionist, blase.
The influential woman, networking.
The blogger, fascinated.


The images were taken, with permission,
at the private view of an exhibition,
Moving Patterns,
at the Royal Geographical Society.
It is the culmination of a research project
to consider the effect of migration on artistic expression.

It involved collaboration with artists
who have a variety of visual references from different cultures.
One artist amalgamates the structure of tartan
and the Indian tradition of gold and silver artwork.

Another artist uses images such as
the double decker bus and helmeted policeman
in repetitive patterns.

If you thought that
Geography was all about maps
you are so out of date.


dottycookie said...

And here I thought I was being very clever wrapping my travel-loving older brother's birthday present in an old map. Oh well.

The little brown bags with the map ctouts on them are brilliant.

Gina said...

The exhibition looks fascinating. I love to see the way different artists respond to a theme.

menopausalmusing said...

Another blogger fascinated! I loved your post and pictures and then clicked on the link: thought my head would explode! I have to get out to work but will have a head full of wanting to get back and read it fully rather than scan with excitement. By the way, the church featured by you the other day was beautiful. x

dragonfly said...

All very cross-curricular!

I love anything to do with maps...and art... so, the perfect combination.

Anonymous said...

you get to do some amazing things alice... and i imagine drink some fine wine! this looks really interesting... a trip to town is long overdue i feel.

Rhiannon said...

How lucky you were!
I especially love the bags with the bits of country falling out of them. It makes me think, which is always a good thing!

monica said...

my geography degree was too much about pebble measuring on river beds.

I'd have gotten a much better grade nowadays...


Unknown said...

Oh yes, I am out of date. I do love that last image.