Sunday 31 May 2009

Panic on the Internet

MasterM is flying from Ecuador to Argentina,
away from the jungle and the pirate ship
and back to city life.

Or that is what MrM & MrsM thought
when they went to bed...


can you send me an email
with the times for my flight
and the code if there is one
because the email has expired
and i cant find it
and it is TOMORROW!!!!!!!!



MrM wakes up and reads message
but cannot find email
because it has expired
because he too uses AOL.



MrsM wakes up and checks her email
for the flight details
but it was not copied to her.



Lydia, the Lovely Travel Agent,
arrives at work
and provides the flight details
and emails them to MasterM
and MrM & MrsM stop quivering
and wait for news
with their fingers crossed.


Suse said...

Oh heavens. I hope the quivering has ceased and MasterM is safely out of the jungle.

And the pirate ship? Clearly I've missed something.

Alexis said...

Ah, the trials and tribulations of electronic communication. I hope everything has worked out ok!

Mary said...

I am thinking that I would like to slow down the next 5 years before Will embarks on his own gap year!

Perhaps something safe like a junior boarding house master in England will suffice!

Anonymous said...

Technology - intended to make life more organised, but only creates new ways to make you feel disorganised...

blackbird said...

WHEN is he due to return HOME?
THAT is ALL I want to know.

Ginnie said...

I'm with Tracey! You'd think the technology would make it all easier...

Lynn said...

Oh dearie me. I'm going to go have a lie-down on your behalf. Wake me when it's all over...

Unknown said...

the moral of the story is: print it out, take it to the tattooist and have it tattooed on the inside of your eyelids! Thank goodness for parents (and helpful travel agents)

The Coffee Lady said...

Lydia is like Supergirl, isn't she? Swooping in at the last minute. However they can never be together because then he would know her secret.

trash said...

Oh it is like a 50s B movie.

"Fleeing The Jungle our hero needs help from our superhero-in-disguise, Lydia, to evade recapture by the pirates."W.v is 'unthrot'. Is this what the piartes do when they catch up with you?

Ali said...

And this is why making arrangements with a bona-fide human being is a good move!

RW said...

this is all a bit stressful.

Anonymous said...


dottycookie said...

Eeeeeek! You have to love 'real' travel agents - I used to phone ours in the US to find our where Mr DC was staying on business trips because he never remembered to send me any details - this was before we all had mobiles!

Anonymous said...

I hope he made his flight!

driftwood said...

oh my, emails that expire, what a horrendous thought

Rhiannon said...

Whoever designed an email system where the emails can expire?! Craziness....

I'm going to miss the pirates :(


BreadBox said...

I really think that you should invite the other members of your family to use real email accounts!
Email with an expiration date? I thought that that was reserved for milk!

Unknown said...

I am so glad that there was no more expiring...