Thursday 7 May 2009

Hereford Cathedral

Do you want to see what I saw?

A squat Norman tower

Arches and Pinnacles

An ancient door

Assorted mouldings

A peaceful cloister

A dazzling river panorama.

Do you want to see what the gull saw?
Let us pan slightly left...

The outcome of a flawed planning system.

It truly pains me to post this picture
because I hate ugly things
but I felt so sad that the planning system
in Hereford could have allowed this project
to spoil the historic heart of the city.
It was opened in 2000
but is already empty and dilapidated.
I hope that they get it right with the next major development


kristina said...

In our journeys in and around London, I'm constantly wondering just what the planners were thinking, or if indeed there were or are any planners at all.... K x

Unknown said...

You know we tend to think that this sort of insensitive planning was the domain of the 1970s - sadly it isn't so. We're about to undergo some 'regeneration' in an area off the centre of Taunton - hope our planners can get it right too

dragonfly said...

Having endured the pettiness of the planning dept. at home, I'm always amazed at the ugliness of what does manage to get built.

dottycookie said...

I doubt there's a single Oxford or Camnbridge college that doesn't have at least one hideous 60s/70s building lurking in the grounds ...

Gina said...

Such a shame with all that beauty.

JuliaB said...

What is it???? I sometimes wonder which planet the planning people come from!

Unknown said...

It's shocking to think of it lying empty and ugly. Planning committees around Britain have a lot to answer for, a few years ago the views on the eastern approach into Belfast city centre were completely obscured by some rather hideous concrete towers. A beautiful historical skyline destroyed to make way for the NCP and a hotel chain!

I do love your other Hereford views though and your camera seems steady in spite of the cider!

Rhiannon said...

Ah the planning office.... most ridiculous group of people ever. Current gripe is of a slightly less monumental nature, but involves a house in the street my parents live, and the ridiculous way they've been allowed to leave it looking unfinished by not painting the wood to match the other houses. Grrrrrrrr

....*calms down*
On the other hand, ignoring that picture, Hereford looks uber lovely :D
ps. was totally expecting the answer to "do you see what I saw" to be magpies!

eurolush said...

Your photos are beautiful. The weather looks like it was perfect during your visit.

Hereford is a very picturesque little city...even with poor planning development.

Thanks for sharing!

Lucy said...

Oh yes, I'm with you on this one. I recommend reading Bill Bryson's Notes on A Small Island as he thinks along your wavelength.

Jackie said...

If you think thats bad you ought to see Lancaster. Historic town already ruined and major plans afoot to kill it completely.
And just don't get me going about my nearest town,the biggest dump in the North of England.
(Chorley if you want to know and I hope the planners are reading this.)

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures, what a wonderful place, it is a shame they had to ruin the view with that ugly building.