Sunday 2 September 2007

The Summer That Was

This summer

Marciac, Gers

was the summer

Tillac, Gers

that was too cold

Bassoues, Gers

and wet

Montesquiou, Gers

to grow geraniums.

Bassoues, Gers


Anonymous said...

So many wonderful geranimus...*SIGH* Summer's singing her swan song, isn't she?! Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

alice c said...

Hi Tracy, It supposed to be nice this week - just when everybody is back at work and school. Life is not fair sometimes!

Anonymous said...

I've just been given 3 trays of unsold stock by a market trader, hopefully the frosts won't come too early so we enjoy them for a while.

Anonymous said...

We had a wet summer too and oddly, and maybe for the first time in my black thumb cursed life, I had gorgeous geraniums. Gorgeous, truly.
Usually, I can't grow weeds.

I would send proof, in case you doubt me of the black thumb, but the battery in my little Canon went pffft, and it is useless at the moment.

But they were gorgeous, I tell you.
Just gorgeous.

Did I mention my geraniums were just gorgeous this year?

alice c said...

Hi Carolyn, three trays of geraniums sounds very tempting - what a lovely splash of colour that could be if the weather is kind.