Thursday 18 October 2007

Autumn Collection

hebe, skimmia, cyclamen, pansies, ivy

This will face up to cold nights and foggy mornings;
sunshine and driving rain.

The cyclamen which look so delicate on their slender stalks
love the changeable autumn weather
and the silvery heart shaped leaves bring pleasure
even after the flowers have finished.

MasterM worries that Granny will not approve:
"She will say 'Blood and Bandages, Blood and Bandages'"

I reassure him the pansies are not red,
they are crimson, the colour of garnets.


blackbird said...

I thought autumn was the time we left our window boxes to run rampant only to be viciously wiped out by frost and neglect.

tess said...

it's lovely, will you make one for me? or maybe I could print out your picture and stick it to the window?

Ali said...

Fab idea of driftwood's. Because I'm a confessed container-murderer.

Anonymous said...

This is lovely! (I would put that in italics if I understood the whims of html) What a great composition of blooms and greens.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous window box, I'm almost inspired to did my old ones out and try again but the cats will sleep in them and squash the plants.

Unknown said...

In Yorkshire the superstition is to not put red and white flowers together in bridal flowers as they are funereal - I've never heard 'blood and bandages' maybe that's where this stems from