Friday 5 October 2007

Autumn Harvest

Plum Crumble
Plum Upside-Down Cake
Plum Tart
Plum Charlotte
Plum and Almond Cake
Poached Plums
Plum Jam


Plum Sauce
Plum and Hazelnut Crumble



Anonymous said...

what about the much maligned prune ? we were all plums at some point in the same way that all adults were once children !

Vive le roi pruneau !

A communique from the RPF - Rassemblement de Pruneaux Francais.

Eat a prune and start a new movement !

dottycookie said...

Have you tried Nigella's Hot (as in spicy) Plum Sauce? It is very good.

Plum clafoutis?

We're getting a bit sick of plums here - though I'm sure I will miss them in January!

ginny said...

Plum chutney - Constance Spry. Excellent!
Al x

Anonymous said...

MrsM is normally a lot more decisive than this.

Perhaps this is a case of plummum oscillans ?

blackbird said...

I'll be doing the same. Substitute with apples.

BreadBox said...

MrM: I misunderstood the post: I read it as "and" not "or" --- I thought that she was going to be making all of the above!


Anonymous said...

There are times when MrsM is just plum crazy - I guess this is just one of these times

Anonymous said...

mmmm...I've been making a LOT of plum crumble lately, DH loves do I--LOL! Happy weekend to you all ((HUGS))