Sunday 21 October 2007

Close Supervision

This little robin likes to supervise my gardening.

He has high standards,
Always checks the area that I am digging
And tells me to work harder.

Now I know how MrM feels.


Anonymous said...

So sweet! (Which reminds me - why is it that in England, robins are associated with Christmas?)

Curlew Country said...

Thanks for stopping by my blg Alice. Sharon Penman's book are amazing aren't they! I read them as a teenager and have re-read them so many times since. Elizabeth Chadwick books are a must for me too, completely addictive. Hope your husband isn't too upset over the rugby having finally got to see the final.

dottycookie said...

I think I have the very same pot!

Lovely robin - we have one in the garden with a white patch on one wing who chivvies me along looking for grubs as I dig.