Saturday 20 October 2007

Coming Up Smelling of Roses

A sad tale with a happy ending

One year ago MrM was offered a ticket to the World Cup Final.
He assumed that he would be watching
South Africa v New Zealand
But he said yes.

Four months ago he booked the Eurostar to get to Paris
And the hotel to stay in Paris
And the restaurant to eat in Paris.

One week ago he realised that he would be watching
England v South Africa

MrM was very, very excited.

and his VRF said
'The tickets will arrive on Wednesday'
and on Wednesday his VRF said
'We will collect the tickets on Friday'
and on Friday his VRF said
'There are no tickets'

MrM was very, very disappointed.

He spoke to his lawyer.
MrM's lawyer said
'I will fix your VRF and get you some tickets'
Which he did.

So now MrM and his lawyer are on the Eurostar
drinking champagne.

And tomorrow they will meet
our wonderful friends, Glen and Mary
and MasterM's South African friends
and celebrate one team or the other.

It should be a great weekend.


dottycookie said...

I am very happy for MrM but you do realise I have had to hide this from my husband to avoid having him burst into tears of envy?!

I have some sloe gin to keep me occupied during the evening's festivities - can I send a glass your way?

Anonymous said...

Do I take it that VRF is no longer a friend?
I've hidden the weekend papers in the hope that Stuart has forgotten (who am I kidding) the final as he has prior comittments this evening that don't involve TV's or even radio's.
I however am free to sit in front of the TV with the odd glass or two of wine to either celebrate with or drown our sorrows.

ginny said...

Hi Alice,
Just to say that Ginny and I were so disappointed that you were so near and yet so far away yesterday. We were really excited to be meeting a blogging friend at last . . .
The weather was beautiful yesterday and we had a great day. Gin is on her own today as I have to do a shift at my "other job" in Waitrose, so think of her and lets hope she has another good one. I do hope Miss M feels better soon, there are lots of nasty bugs about at the moment. Lets hope to see you soon,
Alice x

Unknown said...

It was a very rowdy crowd which went out to the stadium ( we will not talk about the incredible chaos of getting out there) and a more subdued one coming back. I was very happy to be sitting at Cafe de Mabillon by midnight sipping champagne.

alice c said...

Hello John! MrM tells me that it was an amazing experience and that the best team won. I thought that the most impressive performance all night came from Martin Corrie in the post match interview when he spoke of the pride in the white jersey and the red rose. That is a role model for you.

Unknown said...

Hi Alice - John is actually Blue Mountains Mary in disguise!! but typing on my husband's computer. Yes the press we have seen today shows England to be gracious in defeat I think...