Wednesday 17 October 2007

Facing Up To The Future

There comes a moment in the development of any blog when you have to start confronting the important things in your life. You move away from the superficial and face up to what really matters. It is only at this moment that you mature as a blogista.

I feel ready to take this next step
and so today I wish to talk about potato peelers.

For the first twenty years of my marriage
I had a perfect potato peeler.
It was my constant companion and never let me down.
And then one day it snapped and I was inconsolable.

I attempted to recreate this perfect relationship
by buying identical but younger models
but they did not have the same smooth action.

I went through a period of denial
and just cooked pasta and rice
but then I understood
that the halcyon days were gone for good
and I had to face up to the future.

I tried the 'bigger is better' model
but discovered that size is not everything.

And then there was a brief phase
where I toyed with an ergonomic model
but the peel just got stuck in the blade.

And then, on Monday, I saw this model in the supermarket.

I'm not naive but I did feel that glimmer of hope
that this could be 'the one'.
I have had too many disappointments
to commit myself quickly
but I feel optimistic that it could be
the beginning of a long term relationship.

It is an important moment in my life
and I am glad that I was able to share it with you.


blackbird said...

I find myself drawn to you like a
moth to a flame
a woman with pms in search of pretzels
Pamela Anderson to terrible men.

BreadBox said...

Potato peelers are important to me too -- although I use them more often for carrots than for potatoes, which I almost always cook in the skin.
I found a new peeler a few weeks ago, almost the same design as the classic ones: except the handle was slightly more ergonomically designed: a little curve to the metal where the hand bends round it. Unfortunately it also feels a little flimsier than the originals too, but while it lasts it is nice.


tess said...

in our house it was the tin opener that broke, and we're on to replacement no.3 which is still unsatisfactory - but I don't feel I ever felt that special bond you obviously had with your peeler. I hope you the new one makes you very happy for another 20 years of marriage.

dottycookie said...

So now I know we would get on - we share the same taste in potato peelers. My husband is incapable of peeling anything without hurting himself (hmmmm) - he wraps tissues round his fingers when using the peeler and it pains me even to look at it.

Anonymous said...

I'm left handed and have no luck with potato peelers. I don't think they bother to sharpen my side. :) I don't know Alice, you've surpassed me in blogger maturity. I'm feeling a little intimidated!

Unknown said...

I do hope you'll both be very happy together :o) and that you'll always be as happy as you are today

Anonymous said...

I feel that there could be a complete series coming up : rolling pins, egg slicers, trusted toasters, apple corers ....

carrie said...

That's exactly how I feel about my cheeseknife. So, I get it.

I hope you have a long relationship with your new peeler.

Ali said...

I never knew I could feel empathy with a post about a potato peeler. But I do.

It's the blogging-big-time for you!

And my wonderful bought in Japan therefore irreplaceable replacement is an OXO Good Grips. It's okay.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Alice, you are so very satisfactory! Who else could capture this so perfectly with words and pictures? On our side of the Atlantic we have an expensive line of kitchen stuff called the Pampered Chef. My sister gave me one of their peelers, but it peels too deeply (the carrot or potato gets awfully small). My mom has an old peeler that doesn't peel well at all, and she won't get rid of it. I like the one I bought when I got my first home several decades ago, so I understand completely the nuances of the potato peeler. It has to be right. Hope this is The One.

Anonymous said...

This IS an important issue! The "perfect" potato/vegetable peeler makes for happy days in the kitchen. I found my perfect peeler four years ago--and so far it's going strong! Many happy years to you & your new peeler ;o) ((HUGS))