Sunday 7 October 2007

Happy Birthday, Granny!

This is a picture of Granny and Grandpa
drawn and framed by MissM.
It is very accurate.

You will notice in the background
a cathedral with turrets and towers.
Grandpa stands in front with his clerical black and a big smile
(and alarmingly big ears, now I come to think of it).

Granny has beautifully styled hair and a designer dress.
MissM is conscious of the smaller details because
Granny also has fabulous red lipstick and the highest of heels
As I said, it is very accurate.
Not bad for a six year old.

Yesterday, Granny and Grandpa
came to watch MasterM play rugby.
They saw him kick the drop goal that sealed the match
and they saw him lead the team off the field.
There were books for MissM and treats for MasterM.
They know how lucky they are
to have such a generous and thoughtful Granny.

Have a lovely day, Audrey, and a safe journey on Tuesday.


tess said...

What a great picture, Granny will love it. Just found your blog and had a quick look round, love you pictures. Thanks for visiting my blog.

blackbird said...

Happy day to Granny!