Monday 22 October 2007

Happy Birthday to the Lovely MissE

The Lovely MissE is mad about olives
And so now we have olives in our fridge.

We used to be a crisps family
But we are nearly converted.

Not all of us though...
MasterM will do almost anything
to make the Lovely MissE happy

But not even love will make him eat olives.

We wish you a happy, happy day
and a year full of wonderful adventures.


blackbird said...

Happy day MissE!

tess said...

Happy birthday to Miss E, those olives look delicious,

dottycookie said...

Happy birthday MissE! I have one little one who adores olives (and keeps the pot all to herself if she can) and one who would survive only on crisps if she were allowed to. I will quite happily stuff myself with both!

Anonymous said...

Olives are very much an acquired taste. Happy Birthday Miss E.

Anonymous said...

Miss B's birthday yesterday, Grandma's tomorrow; what a busy month October is. Almost as bad as May. I think I'll have to lay in olives AND crisps!

BreadBox said...

Happy birthday to Miss E, and to Master M, let me say that it is possible for olive eaters and olive haters to be happy together! Just make sure that when making salads, olives are added by the eater, and not at an earlier stage. (LOML can't stand the things. I love them!)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday MissE! And I'm with you, I'd take olives over chips anyday! Not to worry MasterM, my husband hates olives as much as I love them and yet we manage to coexist peacefully!! :)

carrie said...

Maybe he'll come around . . . to the olives!

Hope Miss E had a lovely day!