Wednesday 6 May 2009

Go forth and comment...

image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Rhiannon is as cute as a button
She bakes!
She wears adorable outfits!
She has a 'lovely' young man !
Best of all, she has nearly finished her finals!

And then she is going to New York
for a romantic time
with her 'lovely' young man.

Where should she go?
What should she do?

My last visit to New York
involved a visit
to every single sports shop
in the city
because MasterM wanted
a particular basket ball shirt
in a particular size.
It was not romantic.
I have nothing to offer.

I'm relying on you lot.

Oh and don't touch the Princess Mug while you are there.


Unknown said...

Sorry it's on my to-do list so can't help - be interested to read everyone else's comments to glean useful info for a future Bebbington voyage though

GMS said...

Try little bro who has been there two or three times. Although I'm not sure that taking a bunch of sixth formers would be counted as a romantic trip to NY

Lynn said...

Last time I was there I was about 19, which means it's been about (harrumph, cough cough) years ago. If, however, she decides to deviate about a thousand miles for a visit to lush, green rural Missouri, I'm your gal.

Mary said...

I'm going to do as Anne said and see what everyone else says!

Jackie said...

I read this some time ago and filed it away for future reference. Unfortunately that particular 'future' has not yet come to pass so I will be delighted to watch someone else experience something I probably never will.

menopausalmusing said...

Rhiannon is undoubtedly cultured.... did I not see her appreciating Tenniel's Illustrations, Alice?? She has worked hard and needs to play. . . . both she and her young man deserve this. I wish them so much F.U.N and L.O.V.E together. x