Wednesday 27 May 2009

Learning at Work

You have not yet met
the Professor who shall be nameless
but he has a mischievous sense of humour.

He sends me a link to
the Learning at Work Day homepage.
He knows that I will be entertained
by the list of prizewinners of the
'Name the Fruit and Vegetable' Competition.

The Professor who shall be nameless
does not mention that
a Very August Colleague
is a prizewinner.

As luck would have it,
the Very August Colleague
is the next person to come into my office.

I congratulate the Very August Colleague
on this extraordinary achievement.
He glows with pride.

I got 33 out of 40.
I am amazed.

Not everyone can identify a Mangosteen, you know.
I am impressed.

I thought it was VERY unfair
that I was expected to know it was a Medjool Date.
I just wrote Date.

I am sympathetic.

I didn't recognize the Dragon Fruit
but who would?

I would!
I say.

He looks doubtful.
He is, after all,
a widely travelled,
highly respected,
senior Professor
who gets letters published in the Guardian.
If he doesn't recognise a Dragon Fruit,
it is unlikely that I will.

But it is true.
I would recognise a Dragon Fruit.


Later, MrsM recounts the story to MissM.
She looks slightly mystified.

Why did he win?
What did he call it?
Oh! I SEE ...
I thought it was 'NAME the Fruit and Veg...'
like 'Billy-Bob...the Carrot'

MrsM realises that she may have to
sharpen her act before
she gives up the day job.


blackbird said...

One can see how that might happen.

Steve the Dragonfruit.

dragonfly said...

I reckon I could give him a run for his money...when I opened your post, I thought 'ooh, a dragonfruit!'. But sadly, not 'ah, Derek the Dragonfruit!'

trash said...

Why would he not recognise the Dragonfruit? Perhaps his ivory tower does not face a S.E. Asian direction?

Gina said...

Looks very feminine to me... Davina the Dragonfruit?

Anonymous said...

Drusilla ?

Perhaps someone could come up a complete alphabet - does anyone remember Annie Apple ?

dottycookie said...

I recognised the dragonfruit, but being the mother of small children I would probably name it simply "Dragonfruit" - after all, the car is called "Car", the red bunny is called "Red Bunny" etc

Tall Small saw it and said "I like dragonfruit!" I have no idea where she has seen one, let alone eaten one.

MrM said...

sometimes I despair of MissM. How many times has she been told that it is Billy-Bob the Beetroot which translates well into French as MrsM, my betterave ;-)

Mary said...

David the Dragonfruit

Rhiannon said...

Good grief!
You should send him to sporcle...
Also, I am not entirely sure i would recognise a dragonfruit, so if that was one at the start of the post I could be in trouble...


Anonymous said...

That is a quiz I would like to enter.

Perhaps it is Eric, like the halibut.