Monday 25 May 2009

Shade 323

I LOVE pedicures.

My penchant is for deep red polish
with names like "Wisdom" or "Courageous".

Yesterday I was distracted by
a raspberry sorbet colour
called "Goody Two Shoes".
I accept that it was a mistake.

MissM does not make style mistakes.
She says kind things about my dubious choice
while sporting iridescent "Blue Energy".

Her weekday polish is a shimmering turquoise
with peacock depths
appropriately called "Green with Envy".

Yesterday she bought a deep viridian-green
so that her fingers and toes could glow
like the heart of the Caspian sea.
It is so stylish that it does not have a name
Shade 323.

This post is for bb
who has had to delay her pedicure.


A time to dance said...

I think I will treat myself next week, now Pete has a job I dont have to count the pennies and I really miss having painted toes...well neatly pained toes without chips...thank you for the post...H

trash said...

Aaaaah pedicures, how I love thee.

Ali said...

Haven't painted my toenails since last summer - I think it's time.

Unknown said...

Oh dear I think I must be a style guru's worst nightmare - I just love the goody two shoes shade (mind you I do love all the others too)

Jackie said...

Thank you for refraining from toe pictures.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, how I LOVE thoes blues, greens, turquoises!!!
My kind of colours. Bb knows. And I stocked up during my last Tuvaluan trip.

dragonfly said...

Just got one too! Perfect timing as my toes were on display in the sun yesterday!
My shade of choice is a dark, dark red - rouge noir-esque...
Oh, and they are gels so won't chip! Yippee!

Mary said...

Adore deep red nailpolish for toes.

Do love those turquoise and green colours.


dottycookie said...

I'm planning to do mine this afternoon, but have ewaten a bit too many of my mum's yummy roast potatoes so I may have to ait an hour or two ... I am very taken with the turquoise shades. Mmmmmm.

blackbird said...

ooof - I'm still healing.
Seeing these gorgeous colors has me pining.

The Coffee Lady said...

note to self: buy nail polish

kristina said...

Despite being a keen fan of sandals in the summer, I've never painted my nails. Perhaps this is the summer to change all that! And perhaps I should enlist help from Miss M to avoid mistakes? K x

Rhiannon said...

wait! i commented on this aaaaaages ago!

stupid computer deleting comments about the joys of midnight blue nail varnish without telling me....


Anonymous said...

I love pedicures too! Have not had one in a while. I always go for bright pinks! Miss H goes for blues and greens too. She says she likes unique colors on her toes. :)