Saturday 16 May 2009

Things that are worrying me right now...

Frederick Hall (1891)

The blogging ladies of Australia.
Why are they so silent?

I hate the way my posts look
with the text randomly placed
near the photos.

Someone in Portugal
is reading through my archives
page by page.
I hope that they aren't too shocked
by the eccentricities.

Scare me.
(how do you pronouce it anyway?)

If I carry on blogging for years
will I start to write
self centred trivia?

What do you mean - it is too late?

I didn't write and thank
Mr. Eurolush(!!!)
when he left a comment.

MasterM and Pirates.

MissM and Exams.

Will it rain on Wednesday?

Should I wear my green wig
and/or green feather boa
and/or Guinness hat
to cup final match?

Or all of the above?

My new antique china dish.
Can I use it for risotto?
Will the heat damage the glaze?

I have left the lounger
out in the rain.


Jackie said...

Don't wotty...(OOOPS! That should say worry but I quite like wotty..)
Be happy...wear the green wig.

Lynn said...

You have convicted me in my sin, as I have just committed #5 by participating in #4. Sigh. Ah, well; I guess all of us are bound to make blogging missteps now and again. I shall post some photos of peonies and hope that no one was too repulsed by my self indulgence...

blackbird said...

Let's see...let's see, what can I tackle?

1.Australia is the other side of the world! They are *sleeping*.

2.My bloglines does not show your photos at all!

3.There is a Russian reader who loves photos of my shoes. Very much.


5.What? Really?

6.(Must now check your comments to read Mr. Lush!)

7. Getting tired now...pirates?...oh, damn that gap year...exams! rain!

oh. I think the windows are down in the car - it's going to rain.

(my wv is nests)

Julia said...

Your RSS feed says to me, post in, time to click over and visit! It's a welcome reminder but not how I'd bet most people read you. (I don't see pictures either from your feed.)

Wig and boa and hat sound just about right!

The Coffee Lady said...

OH! Worries! You know how I love those.

I can see how Bloglines would hurt you. I promise I always click through.

Go on, do the meme. It'll be fine. (Actually I did think of tagging you this week but thought you were too classy. This is god's honest truth).

dottycookie said...

(Warning - geekery ahead)

Pssssst - Google Reader. Eschew bloglines - you can set up google reader so that it takes you directly to the blog, rather than some mangled version of it.

Heather Bailey describes it better than I can:

You can import all your bloglines subscriptions in a flash, and if you install the next button you need never look at a scary list of unread posts again.

No, I don't work for Google, but I half wish I did!

Unknown said...

I'd go for all accessories for the match - you can't possibly overdress for a London Irish match - well not by the standards I witnessed at Worcester anyway - Good Luck to the boys!

trash said...

google reader? Bloglines? What are these??? I just have a list that updates on my blogpage (ducking a little b/c to my shame I now realise this may be googlereader)Pirates? Pah! Master shall defeat anycomers with one hand behind his back.

Exams? Not long and they shall be but a memory.

Self-indulgence is why we blog. Some pages just word it more beautifully.

those Asutralian chicks are silenced by your magnificence is all.

How do you find out who is reading what? I would love to hunt through my readers.

I say Me Me.

I left the sun roof open in my car after the school run one morning and didn't remember until the rain had been coming down for half an hour. As a consequence of closing it in a panic I now have a flat battery.

When my worries get huge I squash them back a little and repeat to myself 'Inshallah'.

trash said...

please excuse crappy spellings and typos but have a cold.

how is that for self-indulgence?

Rhiannon said...

I find its always best to tackle these things head on, so here goes...

1. They're all snowed in because its winter (random guess)
2. Like some of the others have mentioned, I just get a snippet on googleyreader and have to click through for the whole thing
3. They won't be
4. I don't think I even know what memes are
5 .I do and I haven't been going for six months (I think) so you have nothing to worry about
6. Best. Name. Ever. And now everyone is talking about him which makes up for it.
7. Pirates will just give him lots of rum and maybe some of their plunder
8.She will be fine. All us studenty people always are.
9.the beeb are saying "sunny intervals" so i think that means no
10. All of them. And green clothes too.
11. I have no idea
12. Its ok - it will dry out ready for the next time

I have probably been of no use, but maybe its given you a giggle so that must be some use? Discuss. [yup, exams on the brain :P]


MrM said...

I am pleased to see that MrsM acknowledges that I know how to treat her to a good day out. Just hoping for a repeat of last Saturday's result.

I should also point out that I turned down the late offer of a single ticket for a champagne lunch before the game on the basis that I enjoy living too much. Car park party is more my style

trash said...

Mister M, such a sensible man.

kristina said...

Now very much hoping for a picture from the match. And please don't worry, as I think I already do enough for both of us :)

K x

Gina said...

The green wig/boa combo... is that of any help? I'm impressed that you know who is reading what!

Unknown said...

Don't worry, loungers are supposed to be left out in the rain, otherwise they won't develop that faded grey/blue bloom and distinctive musty, mildewy smell that is such an essential part of a British summer. A must free lounger just looks a bit too footballers wives if you ask me!

Perhaps that is the real reason why Mr Eurolush has not been back?

I should think best to wear wig with boa and perhaps carry hat, those big Guiness hats are very useful for carrying things in.

silverpebble said...

Oh a list of worries - sorry Alice, I don't think I helped with number 7.

Poor Cinderella though. She's locked in the barn and has a bird phobia.

I recommend (re)listening to Whoopi Goldberg on Desert Island Discs on iPlayer. If you haven't already heard it her music selection has some seriously cheery tracks. I defy you to worry about exams and rain and Captain Pugwash when her chosen Van Morrison is playing. Wiggle your bottom and dance around with a glass of something x

silverpebble said...

It's not on iplayer. I suspect copyright issues. I'm no use at all, but here's the link:

and the Stevie Wonder on youtube

silverpebble said...

This has just soothed some of my worries:

..and now I'm off to listen to a corncrake in the field opposite my house.

Mary said...

We are all OK - some of our Aussie mob have taken to Facebook and Twitter with gay abandon and blogging seems to have taken a back seat!

I have been so busy but plan to post very soon...

And I hope you wore all the green..

Anonymous said...

Twitter is evil - Australian blogging ladies are having daily conversations there about trivial matters that take our attention. (You really should join...)

I ditched bloglines about a month ago and have swapped over to google reader. Much better!

Eleanor said...

I'm here!! Sometimes quiet but always here!! I do, however, agree with Mary and Peppermintpatcher that Twitter has taken over. I do not twitter, but sometimes I read their twitters and feel like there's a party going on without me.

menopausalmusing said...

Things that worry me right now: I don't know what "bloglines" and "googlereader" are.... the whole cyber thing just gets more and more complicated. Just as I think I have "cracked it", along comes something else I don't know...... (worried sigh..........) x

eurolush said...

You are adorable.

Unknown said...

I agree Wear it all! Go for it.

twitter does take up a lot of my blogging time too. I have been having fun chating with all of our Australian friends too! You need to come over and join the party!

Paula said...

Well, you caught me!I've really been reading your blog from top to bottom but never left a comment because I'm shy.
I think you and your family have great sense of humour and you've made me laugh with deligth a lot of times.
Hugs from Portugal and keep posting because you make my day!
Ana Paula

driftwood said...

oh my there are so many things I should be worrying about, why have I never heard of google reader, how on earth do you know who reads your blog, why don't I get your photos on my bloglines, why didn't we get a photo of the rissotto dish, now how will I know what to serve my risotto in next time (she says hoping no-one will guess that I serve it from the pan straight into the bowls.........)

Anonymous said...

Its OK to leave the lounger in the rain, provided you remembered to bring the Pimms and lemonade in doors.